Trojan Youth Lacrosse Association Of Northwest Austin, Inc.

AGL Spring Registration


AGL Spring Registration

SCHOLARSHIPS: If you are in need of financial assistance for your daughter to play lacrosse, please STOP HERE and contact Requests and payment plans will remain private between AGL President, Treasurer and parent.


CORPORATE MATCH: Did you know that many companies match donations of your registration fee made by their employees to our organization? To see if your company will match your registration please contact your HR.  AGL is extremely grateful for your time to help double your donation and grow our new program.  Please STOP HERE before proceeding with registration and contact for assistance.


Trojan Lacrosse, Inc. is a non-profit organization.  The funding to run the Trojan Lacrosse program each year come from donations from families and businesses as well was the registration fees paid by our participating families.  These donations effectively help to subsidize the registration fees that we charge while allowing us to meet the significant fixed costs of a nearly year-round lacrosse organization.  If we are forced to cancel all or part of the season due to COVID-19, we will make our best effort to refund registration fees on a pro rata basis based on the percentage of the season played/lost.  However, we may not be able to do this fully given the fixed nature of our costs each season.  If we are forced to cancel all or part of the season due to COVID-19, the Board of Directors will meet to decide what refunds can be issued without damaging the long-term viability of our lacrosse program.


Please continue to complete Spring Registration.